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ACC Mass Schedule (effective July 1, 2021)


Monday: 8:30am Mayhew Lake


Tuesday: 5:30pm St. Stephen, 5:30pm Sauk Rapids


Wednesday: 8:00am Sartell, 8:00am Sauk Rapids, 2:00pm Country Manor (when resumed)


Thursday: 8:00am St. Stephen, 8:30am Mayhew Lake, 2:00pm Good Shepherd (when resumed)


Friday: 8:00am Sartell (9:00am during school year), 8:00am Sauk Rapids


Saturday: 5:00pm Sartell, 5:00pm Sauk Rapids, 7:00pm St. Stephen


Sunday: 8:15am Mayhew Lake, 9:00am Sauk Rapids, 9:30am Sartell, 10:00am St. Stephen

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